Jamie Ray Newman Jamie Ray Newman

Eureka fans, I'm sorry I couldn't give you the full story on this new arrival when I teased it in Wednesday's Mega Buzz, but the deal wasn't quite done. Now it is.

Jamie Ray Newman, whom you may either know from Veronica Mars or as Alexis' prematurely snuffed sister on General Hospital, has landed the recurring role of Dr. Tess Fontana.

Tess is described as a "brilliant engineer and astrophysicist who sees things differently than those around her... putting her at odds with the mainstream scientific community." Allison, having known this out-of-the-box thinker since grad school, puts her to work on a super-confidential Global Dynamics project. Dr. Fontana in short order will find herself spending time with — and eventually positioned as a love interest for — Colin Ferguson's Jack. (My apologies to Jo fans who thought by "sidekick" I meant "partner in policework"; Erica Cerra is A-OK.)

We'll meet Tess in the third episode when Eureka resumes its Season 3... I dunno, sometime in early 2009.

Jamie Ray, as I recall, can also sing a blue streak, begging the question: What sort of off-the-hook karaoke bar can the far-out minds of Eureka put together?