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ESPN+ Supported Devices 2024

Did you know there are tons of devices you can stream ESPN+ on? Find out which devices are compatible with the service.

Lara Vukelich
ESPN Plus iPad


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If you love to watch sports, ESPN is a must-have network. Lucky for you, there are new ways to keep track of your favorite teams. A few years ago the network heavyweight entered the streaming space with ESPN+. The streaming service features live game coverage for pro baseball, hockey, and more. You can also use the platform to watch a range of original shows and other sports-related titles.

However, ESPN+ doesn't allow you to stream the ESPN channel live. Instead, ESPN+ works best as a complement to traditional sports networks like ESPN and ESPN2, offering tons of live broadcasts of games that aren't available elsewhere, as well as access to ESPN's on-demand library, including its award-winning 30 for 30 documentary series. At $11/mo., the subscription is still a great way to catch some live games that aren't normally available to watch, for a low price. 

Meanwhile, ESPN+ offers subscribers many ways to tune in. You should be able to use your favorite smartphone, web browser, streaming device, or smart TV. The service even gives you the option to stream using a video game console. Here's how to watch ESPN+ with your favorite devices.

ESPN+ Compatible Devices

Whether you choose to watch 30 for 30 through the ESPN+ app, stream an MLB game using the ESPN website, or catch a UFC match from your smartphone, ESPN+ makes it easy to tune into live games and sports shows. We included all of the ways you can stream ESPN+ below, as well as how ESPN+ stacks up against other top streaming services when it comes to supported devices.


ESPN+ is compatible with both iPhones and Android smartphones. You can also use iPads and tablets that run on Android. To watch ESPN+ using a smartphone, you'll need to download the ESPN app. The app is free from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. After the app is on your device, you just need to log into your ESPN+ account (or create a new account) to get streaming. Using ESPN+ on a smartphone is an easy way to stay up on your favorite shows.

Smart TVs

You can access your ESPN+ account on smart TVs from LG, Samsung and Xumo, as well as any set that uses the Android TV or Fire TV interfaces. These TVs all allow you to download the ESPN+ app for your home screen. Some models, including many new Samsung Smart TVs, will even let you sign up for an ESPN+ subscription right on the TV itself.

Streaming Devices

ESPN+ is compatible with all the major streaming boxes, including Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire, as well as weirder devices like Comcast Xfinity and Cox Contour streaming cable boxes. Just use the search function from the Home Screen to find ESPN+, or if your device supports voice commands, you can just say "ESPN+," and the service will pop up. Keep in mind that legacy Roku devices like Giga are no longer supported. Here is a full list of the Roku devices that won't work with ESPN+.

Video Game Consoles 

Both Xbox and PlayStation support streaming with ESPN+. Compatible Xbox models are the Xbox One and Xbox X/S Series, while PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 models also allow you to log into your ESPN+ subscription. ESPN+ includes instructions on how to sign up through Xbox and PlayStation. Nintendo Switch users won't be able to stream ESPN+, but the console does include support for Hulu.

Web Browsers

Most up-to-date web browsers should be able to handle ESPN+. Just go to ESPN.com and login. Then select the ESPN+ option, and click "Watch Now." If you have any trouble viewing, check to see if your browser requires an update. Keep in mind that the more popular web browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, are updated regularly and usually offer the best support for streaming video online.

ESPN Plus Compatibility Compared

Apple TV
Android TV (Google TV)
Samsung Smart TV
Amazon Fire TV
Samsung Smart TVs
Google Chromecast
Xfinity Flex
iOS (Apple iPhone/Apple iPad)
Android (phone/tablet)
Sony PlayStation

Web Browser
Nintendo Switch

Which Device Should I Use to Stream ESPN+?

One of the perks of ESPN+ is that you almost surely have at least one compatible device already. If you want to consider your options, take a look at our recommendations for Amazon Prime members, budget-conscious streamers, and more.

For Amazon Prime Members: Amazon Fire TV Stick

If you already use Amazon Prime Video to access your favorite shows and movies, using ESPN+ on your Amazon Fire TV Stick is a no-brainer. Most ESPN+ compatible streaming devices support 4K video streaming, and the Alexa voice assistant allows you to access ESPN+ quickly, so you don't have to worry about sorting through the home screen to find the service every time you want to watch.

For Streaming ESPN+ On-The-Go: Apple iPad

The Apple iPad is one of the tech company's premium smart devices, and if you're looking to stream live games or sports shows away from home, the Apple iPad is a great choice. Although the price is on the higher end of devices, HD video streaming is supported, and the iPad serves many of the same functions as a standard laptop. The user interface is also incredibly simple, which is great for people who don't use technology often. If you prefer android devices, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is another solid choice.

For Xfinity Subscribers: Xfinity Flex

If you already use Xfinity as your internet service provider, then you probably have the option to get Xfinity's streaming device, Xfinity Flex, for free. That's a really hard deal to beat. The user interface can be a little confusing, but the remote supports voice commands, which is a big help. Xfinity Flex also has the ability to stream video in HD.

For Gamers: Sony PlayStation

Both Xbox and PlayStation feature excellent HD video streaming capabilities, and you'll have no trouble watching ESPN+ with top resolution, no matter which one you choose. However, Sony PlayStation's user interface for video streaming apps is a little easier to navigate. Given a choice between the two consoles, we think ESPN+ subscribers will appreciate PlayStation's slick user experience for watching TV.

For Bargain Shoppers: Roku Express

If you're looking for an affordable way to stream live sports, using ESPN+ with a Roku Express is probably the best option you'll find. You can get a Roku Express for about $30, and while this streaming device only offers the bare essentials, it works well and you'll have no trouble watching live events on ESPN+. And because ESPN+ only costs $7/mo., you can get started with live sports for under $40.