Michael Vick by Kevin C.  Cox/WireImage.com Michael Vick by Kevin C. Cox/WireImage.com

On Sept. 25, the cabler will air a live SportsCenter Special, The Vick Divide - An ESPN Town Meeting originating from the disgraced Atlanta Falcons QB's home turf. Natch, the topic will be his involvement in dogfighting and whether his case is an issue of race or simple inhumanity. I suspect my "Feed Your Dog Kibbles 'N Vick" bumper sticker gives a clue as to where I stand on the issue.

In related news, TMZ reports that Seinfeld funny lady Carol Leifer has purchased the notes Vick scrawled when he gave his half-assed apology for more than 10 grand, with all proceeds going toward the Animal Cruelty Reward and Response Fund.