Erykah Badu in Music Video "Window Seat" Erykah Badu in Music Video "Window Seat"

Erykah Badu will be fined $500 for disorderly conduct after she stripped nude and pretended to be shot in the head in the same Dallas plaza where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, The Dallas Morning News reports.

At first, police said no citizens complained after the "Window Seat" video was filmed on March 13 and there were no plans to pursue charges against the 39-year-old singer. However, once the video was released on March 29, one witness came forward and said she had two small children with her at the time of the shoot and was offended to see Badu strip in public, according to the newspaper.

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The Dallas Police Department said that they expect the ticket to be issued some time next week.

Badu, a Dallas native, told the Dallas Morning News earlier in the week that the video was "a protest" and about "liberating yourself." She tweeted on Saturday, "i don't care i still love my city and its people."