TV Guide writers don't always see eye to eye. For instance, even though Michael Ausiello, Matt Mitovich and I have continually praised

Lisa Kudrow's

The Comeback (and Mary Murphy was even portrayed in it when she was in the hospital and couldn't play herself), our Cheers and Jeers section in the magazine has twice jeered the show. Huh? So I was very glad tonight's ER repeat was highlighted in this week's issue, praising Cynthia Nixon's performance and saying she should've garnered an Emmy nomination. My sentiments exactly. I remembered how intense it was to watch Cynthia as a stroke victim. That first scene started out very Six Feet Under-like, but then wait a second she's not dead! We the viewers could hear her inner thoughts, but the doctors and her family could not. Luckily, her thoughts were both gut-wrenching and funny. I forgot that Austin Majors (Theo from NYPD Blue) played one of her kids. I also had forgotten the classy ending, with her simple two words to the doctors who saved her: "Thank you." Other distinctive parts:- This was when Madchen Amick's character, Wendall, told Carter "I think I love you" and he couldn't return the sentiment. Ironically, Nixon's character swooningly sang the Partridge Family's "I Think I Love You" internally to Luka.- Speaking of not reciprocating someone's feelings, this was the first time Dr. Dubenko started showing an interest in Abby, and she was so not havin' it.

And finally, this was yet another opportunity for former late-'80s/early-'90s heartthrob Sasha Mitchell to return from oblivion, Step by Step, with just one line as the out-of-focus bartender. I guess an actor's gotta work somewhere, but give us a close-up at least the dude used to be on Dallas. Dave Anderson

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