ERI remember this episode as the one where Luka and Abby started to spend more screen time together, and I recall being very happy about it. Little did we know at the time that they'd be getting back together soon and were on the verge of having a baby together. I also remember that I was glad to see Amy Aquino back on the show. She's one of those actresses who, no matter what part she plays, pretty much always plays the same type of character. We let it slide each time, however, since Amy is just so good at playing a tough cookie. Remember her as the nemesis to Ray Romano

in several episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond? Boy did Ray hate her, which just made me love to hate her. Anyway, I hope we get to see more of Amy, along with more of Danny Glover as Pratt's father. Same goes for the hardly seen-this-season Laura Innes, who directed tonight's show. The biggest thing that stuck in my head was how horribly depressing it was. You couldn't get much sadder than an injured surrogate mother who gave birth to a baby with toxic brain defects, causing the new parents not to want it anymore. Oh, how I loved Shane West in this episode. His face said it all when the mother and father left the baby behind. Once and Again he impresses me. And how could I not mention that that kid called Abby a MILF? "But I'm not a mother." That was then, this is now.  Dave Anderson

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