How nice to finally see the episode that was supposed to be on last Thursday. Was it worth the wait? Yes, and I'll, of course, tell you why.

Laura Innes as Kerry Weaver has been one of my favorite actresses and characters ever since she began on this show. Kerry can indeed be a bitch, but we're often able to see her other layers, like tonight with those tender moments of true friendship between Kerry and Abby. But Kerry's appearances have been few and far between the last few seasons, so I was really gearing up for this episode. I was so glad she finally decided to go ahead with the hip-replacement surgery, especially after she said, "I'm a disabled person. What else would I have left?" What an effective way to end the hour by having her count down from 100 after receiving her anesthesia. Elsewhere, let's talk about the strange casting of Armand Assante as a possible love interest for Samantha. Puhlease! My Linda Cardellini is 30 and Armand is 56. I remember when I was much younger and Armand was a total sex symbol. Little Darlings comes to mind (please rent it he costars with Kristy McNichol, Tatum O'Neal, Matt Dillon and a young Cynthia Nixon). But Armand's no spring chicken anymore. I'm sure my mother, Joan, would think "hubba-hubba" about Armand, but even Joan would think he's too old for Samantha. To quote the sadly departed Valerie Cherish, "I don't wanna see that!" Lastly, it cracked me up that Neela baked what Ray called "the worst cookies ever made in the history of baking." It killed me when she brought home the container from her Spouses' Club at the end and it was still filled with her cookies.  Dave Anderson

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