ER I don't know about you, but I really wish one of these rare "special appearances" by Noah Wyle would involve Carter actually showing up at County General rather than just these far-away places. I'd be satisfied with even one Chicago visit, like the recent episode where Sharif Atkins

briefly appeared in town. Well, I guess a Sudanese desert-based Carter is better than no Carter at all, eh? I did enjoy seeing him do scenes with Mary McCormack and Eamonn Walker. How horrible for that Lwendo guy to abandon his wife after he found out she was raped. Speaking of Eamonn, I love seeing yet another former Oz cast member get work. I keep waiting for Harold Perrineau and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje to walk by each other on Lost and do a "Where have I seen you before?" double take. Back to ER, I expected Clemente to be much more overjoyed when Jodie came out of her coma. I was like "wake up!" thank goodness they both did. Yes, he appeared happy, but I wanted joyful tears from John Leguizamo. Great line of Jodie's "Don't you leave me now, jerk" and, hello, how relieved were you when the "gun" Jodie's psycho ex pointed to Clemente was just his fingers? My favorite part of the episode was Pratt taking the initiative in convincing his alcoholic friend Darnell to turn himself in, followed by Darnell's son K.J. thanking Pratt for doing so. Very pleasant seeing Luka and Clemente play nice glad Clemente agreed to taking the psychiatric tests. And no, Abby and Luka did not mention Celine, Jewel (and jokingly Charo and Liberace) as possible baby names! I was totally waiting for a Cher mention. Dave Anderson
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