Adrien Grenier and Sasha Grey Adrien Grenier and Sasha Grey

Adult film actress Sasha Grey makes her TV-series debut on the August 1 episode of HBO's Entourage, playing an even wilder version of herself as Vince's new long-term squeeze.

Naturally, Vince will have to defend his girl when his friends take some cheap shots. Though this is Sasha's first foray into legit TV, she has previously starred in several X-rated spoofs of TV classics. Entourage creator Doug Ellin, who wrote the part especially for her, says, "I haven't seen any of Sasha's spoofs, but someone gave me the Entourage take-off which was very good — especially the scene with the two guys playing Turtle and Drama."

Sasha believes these saucy send-ups are all the rage at the moment because, "it's a relatable and safe way to watch adult film." Also doing a cameo in the episode: Mike Tyson, who Sasha says was particularly excited to meet her on set (but respectfully did not chew her ear off.)

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