Perrey Reeves, <EM>Entourage</EM> Perrey Reeves, Entourage
Entourage's Perrey Reeves talks about working her superagent hubby's nerves, reveals her deepest fantasy for "Mrs. Ari," and reflects on kicking ass alongside Angelina.

TV Guide: You play the wife of überagent Ari Gold on Entourage, but is it true that your real life is decidedly un-Hollywood?
Perrey Reeves: It's definitely a dual existence. I spend four months of the year in Costa Rica, where my husband, Jeff [Gossett], and I are building a yoga retreat on an eco-estate. It's completely cut off: no TVs, no telephone. It really keeps me sane.

TV Guide: Can you imagine Mrs. Ari putting up with snakes and mosquitoes?
Reeves: Ha! She's a city girl but she's tough. She'd be up for the challenge. I think Ari would have the harder time — being out of cell-phone range.

TV Guide: Frankly, the way Jeremy Piven ogles you on screen, it's hard to believe he doesn't really have the hots for you. Does he?
We do love each other! Jeremy and I have been friends for more than 10 years. We did Old School together, and we were both ahead of the Hollywood trend on yoga and knew each other from that world. That connection definitely shows up on camera.

TV Guide: Well, the yoga seems to be paying off, judging from how you two look in your skivvies.
Reeves: This season you'll see me wearing even less. I think someone said, "Oh, Mrs. Ari looks good in underwear, let's do that more." But I feel comfortable with my body. I joke that I'd like a little more smoke in the room, though.

TV Guide: Your character likes to mess with her husband. What will she do next to upset Ari?
Reeves: We'll see Mrs. Ari get her old job back. She was on The Young and the Restless and she goes back. She's like, "Hey, Ari, if you were just a little nicer to me, I wouldn't have done this."

TV Guide: You played a member of Angelina Jolie's girl gang in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. What did you two talk about?
I always thought I'd adopt — I have a dog but no children. And I worked on Mr. and Mrs. Smith for four months, so we talked a lot about that. She's very willing to help people who want to adopt.

TV Guide: Speaking of kids, didn't you used to have three on the show?
Reeves: [Laughs] Yeah, we got rid of one. Three was too complicated. The joke is we sent her off to boarding school because she was the only blonde, blue-eyed one in the family.

TV Guide: Any fantasies about where you'd like to see your character go?
Reeves: It might be fun if Eric and Mrs. Ari had a little fling, but mostly I want her to have more scenes with [Ari's assistant] Lloyd. She and Lloyd know Ari better than anyone. They can really mess him up good.

TV Guide: Speaking of messed up, Mrs. Ari doesn't have a name. What's with that?
Reeves: That's how the boys see me and that's just fine with her. Plus, it's in the great HBO tradition: Sex and the City had Mr. Big, we've got Mrs. Ari.

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