Rhys Coiro by Claudette Barius/HBO Rhys Coiro by Claudette Barius/HBO

As first reported by Ausiello, Janeane Garofalo (whose name I will apparently need to learn to type correctly... ) is joining 24 for Season 7. Per a Fox press release, Garofalo is playing "Janis Gold, an FBI systems analyst assigned to the team investigating the crisis befalling Jack Bauer and company." Working alongside G-a-r-o-f-a-l-o, TVGuide.com has confirmed, will be Rhys Coiro (aka Entourage's Billy Walsh). 24's new day begins sometime in January 2008.... It's The Accused meets Top Gun! All that's missing is a barn-raising. Kelly McGillis will be guesting on The L Word this coming season, playing a military lawyer involved in a "Don't' ask, don't tell" case, says the Advocate.