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Days before the curtain rises on the final season of Entourage, the cast of the HBO comedy says it wasn't their choice to end the series.

"We got canceled," star Kevin Connolly told Today's Matt Lauer on Tuesday. "We were not on board with it at all."

HBO first announced that the eighth season of Entourage would also be its last season in August 2010 at the Television Critics Association conference.

Entourage to end in 2011; is a movie next?

"The plan right now is to finish up this season and ... we'll do a shorter order next season to finish up," co-president Richard Plepler told reporters at the time. He added that series creator Doug Ellin "clearly wants to write [an Entourage film] but he also wants to do it so the storytelling makes sense. Clearly he's thinking about how the show will end, he's already pitched other shows to us."

Since it was first announced that Entourage would end this year, Ellin has signed on for two new series with HBO — one about forty-something men headlined by frequent Entourage guest star Ed Burns and the other chronicling Mike Tyson's early years. With two other projects in development, some have questioned whether an Entourage movie will come together, but star Adrian Grenier told Today's Matt Lauer that he thinks the show "will persevere."

Entourage: Kevin Connolly to direct series' penultimate episode

Entourage, following the life of A-list movie star Vincent Chase and his three childhood friends, premiered in 2004 and is loosely based on the earlier life of Mark Wahlberg, who executive producers the show. Entourage is now one of HBO's longest-running comedies behind Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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Entourage premieres on Sunday at 10:30/9:30c on HBO.