You have to wonder which was more devastating: The attack on Earth by the Xindi — a race that believes 400 years in the future, humanity will destroy their homeworld — or the precipitous 32 percent ratings drop Enterprise (Wednesdays at 8 pm/ET on UPN) suffered last season. To stem that galactic tide, the producers wisely gave focus to the crew and Captain Archer (Scott Bakula) last May by sending them off into Xindi territory, a dangerous area of space known as the Delphic Expanse. "[Archer] is no longer indecisive in what he is doing," says executive producer Rick Berman. "He's on a vital mission, and he's become much more determined and tougher and stronger."

Last week, we were introduced to the Xindi's five types of species: humanoid, reptilian, slothlike, insectoid and aquatic. And it also became apparent that the Xindi planet has already been destroyed. With that pesky groundwork all settled, get ready for this season to be a little more high-concept than the previous two. That includes another temporal mishap. "In an alternate future, the Xindi have reduced Earth to a cinder," explains Berman. "It's one of these wonderful stories where something has to be corrected in the future to right things in the present."

For the typically underserved Trek/zombie fan, the Enterprise crew will encounter a ship full of Vulcans who've gone mad from the physics-defying effects of the Delphic Expanse. In another episode, they find a planet inhabited by the descendants of 19th century Americans who had been kidnapped, but then turned the tables on their alien captors.

Wait, what about the Temporal Cold War? "We have some major revelations," says executive producer Brannon Braga, "coming up later in the season about our future guy and the Xindi's future guy, because they have one, too. Whether or not we will reveal their identities, we haven't gotten that far yet." But it seems like it'll be an interesting trip.