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Is Sergeant Major Cody ready for "A Moment Like This"?

On Friday's new episode of Enlisted (9/8c, Fox), Fort McGee's fearless leader will take the stage once again for the annual AFO show. But after years of doing the same song and dance, Sergeant Major (Keith David) turns to Pete's rear detachment unit for advice on how to "freshen" his act.

"Predictability is a performer's worst enemy," he says in this exclusive sneak peek. "Makes it so damn hard to take an audience's breath away."

American Idol XIII: Meet the 13 finalists

Since Sergeant Major is a longtime American Idol fan, the team uses Kelly Clarkson as a big source of inspiration for just how he can give the "performance of a lifetime." What does Sergeant Major need to do to follow in Clarkson's footsteps? Check out this exclusive clip below to find out:

Enlisted airs Fridays at 9/8c on Fox.