Enlisted Enlisted

Are you ready to get Enlisted? No, we're not talking about joining the army. We're talking about Fox's new comedy about the army.

Premiering Friday, Jan. 10 at 9:30/8:30c, Enlisted follows three brothers working together on a military base in Fort McGee, Fla. It's "a workplace comedy, but our workplace happens to be military," star Geoff Stults says.

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Stults plays the oldest brother, Pete, who is sent back to Florida from serving in Afghanistan because of an authority issue. Pete is put in charge of a rear detachment unit that also includes middle brother Derrick (Private Practice's Chris Lowell), the "most cynical, miserable" member of the team, and enthusiastic youngest brother Randy (Suburgatory's Parker Young) who has the will, "but not necessarily the training," according to Young.

Although Enlisted is a workplace comedy, it's also a comedy about the bond between three brothers, no matter how different they may be. "I think it's all of us in this cast that are really going to help showcase just how dysfunctional three brothers can be," Lowell says.

Check out this exclusive sneak peek at Enlisted to meet the entire cast and go behind the scenes:

Enlisted premieres Friday, Jan. 10 at 9:30/8:30c