Robert Englund, FEARnet's Fear Clinic Robert Englund, FEARnet's Fear Clinic

Take actors from three of Hollywood's biggest horror film franchises, add an old abandoned hospital as the setting, and even Robert Englund can get scared.

"We literally just locked ourselves in this old abandoned hospital and worked around the clock for 7 or 8 days," says the 62-year-old actor, who stars in Fear Clinic.

But it seems the drastic measures were worth it. "It takes a lot to make Robert England cringe and I could barely watch the dailies," the Nightmare on Elm Street star says of one of the web series' five episodes.

Online series Fear Clinic premiering Oct. 26

Premiering online Oct. 26 on FEARnet, Fear Clinic follows the crazed Dr. Andover (Englund) as he helps cure people's deepest phobias after losing his medical license and heading south of the border. "Being a kind of mad scientist, he's sort of a last resort for people suffering from deliberating phobias," Englund says. "We treat it as if I'm a good man but I've gone too far."

Horror fans will not only recognize Freddie Krueger as the crazed doctor, but also Friday the 13th's Jason Voorhees (Kane Hodder) as Dr. Andover's assistant. "Kane and I have done half a dozen movies together but we've never really had scenes together so that's really fun," Englund says. "He's sort of like my slave in this. I got him out on parole from some prison hospital."

Halloween 4 and 5's Danielle Harris plays a young woman with an intense fear of the dark that Dr. Andover just can't seem to cure. If the series is picked up for more episodes, Englund hopes to dig into his long list of contacts to continue casting familiar faces from the horror genre. "Especially people that work in the genre ... it gives it kind of a hip factor for hardcore fans," Englund says.

Exclusive sneak preview: Check into FEARnet's Fear Clinic

Besides his work on Fear Clinic, Englund recently released his memoir Hollywood Monster, looking back on his over 25-year on-screen career. The memoir comes at a time when Englund's biggest projects — Nightmare on Elm Street and the V mini-series — are now getting reboots. "I feel pretty old," Englund says. "My two biggest hits are being remade so there's kind of a perfect storm right now."

However, Englund only has nice things to say. "I'm curious and looking forward to it," Englund says. "Nightmare on Elm Street really lends itself to using new technologies. CGI would be a great way to exploit and embrace the dream sequences."

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Englund is even hoping for a cameo in ABC's reinterpretation of V, if the show proves to be a hit. "The alien press secretary — the equivalent of Diana — that's a great concept in the new translation and I like her look," he says.

Until he gets the call, Englund just hopes Fear Clinic makes an impact the way Nightmare on Elm Street and V did in the past. "It's really raised the bar for Internet programming," he says. "We all have to change with the times ... it keeps you younger, it's a new challenge."