When CBS' Jericho returns on Feb. 12, at least one of the storylines from the seven new episodes will help Mimi/Stanley fans gear up for Valentine's Day. "We get engaged," Alicia Coppola told TV Guide at Sunday's premiere of The Bucket List. "It's wonderful how it happens, in typical Mimi/Stanley fashion. It's funny, warmhearted and fuzzy." Of the other storylines, Coppola won't spill the beans beyond saying tensions will continue to rise between the towns of Jericho and New Bern: "It's really to the point now where Jericho doesn't know whether or not we really are going to be able to forge ahead. I can't give away too much, but it's going to be exciting."

What she can freely talk about is the overwhelming support of the show's champions. "Our fans single-handedly brought us back," she says. Until February, Coppola fans can catch her in National Treasure: Book of Secrets opposite Nicolas Cage, who is rumored to be a relative. "Apparently I'm important enough to warrant a mention in the Francis Ford Coppola lineage," she says of a recent EW article. "Just the fact that I'm in the Nicolas Cage paragraph, that's enough for me." - Bekah Wright