It's that time of year... casts are crossing their fingers to see if they're needed for another season, finales are looming with some questions answered and others trailing off into frustrating cliff-hangers, and a whole new cycle of shows promises to debut, return and get audiences to let go of present story lines and latch onto new ones. Here are the shows on my list:

Finales I can't wait to see include Heroes (will New York actually explode?), Jericho (will Hawkins come clean?), Lost (does Locke return from his disappearance with the Others?), Gilmore Girls (even though I did not like the spoiler report from Ausiello), Brothers & Sisters (arguably the best new family drama out there) and Grey's Anatomy (who becomes chief? Who sleeps with George next?).

Shows I'm anxious to dive into once again: Run's House (one of the few, if only, MTV shows I think portrays actual Hollywood reality), Entourage (poor Ari), My Boys (why do we have to wait until July?!) and Project Runway (Tim Gunn returns - make it work, people!).

And can I campaign for The Apprentice and American Idol to end immediately? Both were disappointing this season. Also, who wants to help me convince CBS to run How I Met Your Mother all year long?

New waters I'm eager to test: The CW's Hidden Palms (soapy but sure to be delicious).

I'll admit it: Many of these shows not only provide compelling story lines and edge-of-your-seat surprises, cool visuals and quotable scripts, but they also give us quite pretty pictures. Could Hollywood get any hotter? Everyone's steamy, dreamy and heroically McBeautiful! Patrick Dempsey, Eric Dane, Rob Low, Dave Annable, Adrian Pasdar, Josh Holloway, Matthew Fox, Skeet Ulrich, Bryan Greenberg, Adrian Grenier, Jeremy Piven... is it stuffy in here? Oh, and Kate Walsh, if you have any perfect-hair, stiletto-strutting training tips, I'd like to know.

So who will you be sad to see go? Excited to welcome? Drooling over? Do share.