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Empire: Lucious' Kidnapping Will Change His Relationship with Cookie

Jussie Smollett previews an exciting midseason premiere

Keisha Hatchett

Empire returns from hiatus with Wednesday's midseason premiere, which finds Lucious (Terrence Howard) kidnapped and chained in a remote cabin by Claudia (Demi Moore) who is desperate to reclaim the Lyon family patriarch as her "Dwight." The episode, which feels like a cross between the Kathy Bates classic Misery and the Samuel L. Jackson indie flick Black Snake Moan, won't be like any other Empire episode you've seen before.

"It almost doesn't even stand like an Empire episode," Jussie Smollett told TV Guide. "It's almost like a standalone episode and then somehow we get back into Empire in the episode after."

With Lucius in trouble, it's up to Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) to come to his rescue, even if that means taking down an unhinged nurse wielding an axe. But if there is one thing we've learned about the spitfire CEO thus far, is that it's going to take more than a chunk of wood and steel to stop her from saving her man.

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"It's really exciting to watch because it's a classic story of a princess in a tower that needs to be saved by her prince on a white horse. What makes it so exciting is that this time, the princess is Lucious Lyon and the prince on the white horse is Cookie. It's very empowering," added Smollett.

While you're in for one of the show's wildest plots to date, Smollett said that fans will also be pleased with how things turn out. "I think the audience will be really satisfied as far as we see a light at the end of the tunnel there. We see where Cookie and Lucious are going," he teased.

Hold onto your seatbelts, it looks like this kidnapping will be a game-changer for the power couple.

See how it all goes down when Empire returns Wednesday, March 28 at 8/7c on Fox.

Terrence Howard and Demi Moore, Empire

Terrence Howard and Demi Moore, Empire

Jean Whiteside/FOX