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Empire's 7 Most Outrageous Moments, "Team Coocious" Edition

What, was Lookie taken?

Malcolm Venable

This week's Empirehad Lucious (Terrence Howard) confined to bed, Andre (Trai Byers) pulling a stunt that made him Lucious' new enemy and Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray) getting woke. What else crazy went down? Check out the 7 most outrageous moments below.

1. Lucious' rapid health decline...and same-episode recovery
The beginning of the episode finds Lucious bedridden, forced to go on a breathing tube and barely able to communicate as a result of a bout with Myasthenia gravis. By the end, he's well enough to assemble the whole Empire board in his bedroom, fire Andre for insubordination and show up at Angelo's (Taye Diggs) victory party to embarrass him and Cookie (Taraji P. Henson). That's some health plan you got there Lucious!

2. Kitty Boo Boo (Grace Gealey) stops Lucious' (breathing) flow
Back in the day (like, minutes ago) when Lucious was still confined to bed, Anika slithers over his bed, clutching his breathing tube while reminding him they didn't sign a prenup. But the joke was on her when Lucious whipped out a pistol and shook it at her. Touching right? Like one of those Mahogany greeting cards.

3. The "When Cookie Met Lucious"video
Giving you flashbacks of vintage Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul, seeing Jamal (Jussie Smollett) and Delphine (Estelle) prance around a studio stage rooftop in '90s getups gave us all the life we needed.

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4. Hakeem learns what victim blaming is
When the surprisingly well-organized multi-tasker Thirsty Rawlings (Andre Royo) follows through with a plan to trash the image of Kennedy, the girl who got beat up at Hakeem's party, family goody two-shoes Jamal schools Hakeem. "What do you mean by victim blaming? What's that?" says Hakeem, whose Facebook feed is evidently not full of think pieces like some of us. Jamal gives him a "Woke 101" primer and now we're all almost ready to give a TED Talk on privilege and intersectionality!

Taye Diggs and Terrence Howard, Empire

Taye Diggs and Terrence Howard, Empire


5. "Team C00cious"
In the great tradition of celebrity supercouple names, Empire gifts us with "Coocious," (the official spelling, according to Fox) which Cookie says "sounds like a damn STD." Was "Lookie" too obvious?!

6. Hakeem incriminates himself in a rap song
Not unlike Kendrick Lamar, Hakeem releases a well-intentioned song dedicated to women that backfires. In it, Hakeem takes "full responsibility" for Kennedy's assault, which of course is exactly what his family and lawyer advised him not to do. Did he just unknowingly open up his wallet...or worse?

7. Lucious serenades Cookie...in front of her new man
Pulling the ultimate hater move, Lucious takes to the piano at Angelo's event to play a ditty for Cookie, as a montage scored by music from "You're So Beautiful" plays. Some stones that guy has! But hey, these two can't quit each other; as Lucious says in the song, "You got me watching you, like a camera do," and that's love you can't escape.

What were your favorite unbelievable moments?

Empire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Fox.