Something's up with Andre Lyon (Trai Byers) on Empire. For the past two years, he's been serving time in prison for spiking Anika's (Grace Gealey) drink, an act that ultimately led to her shocking death in the Season 4 finale. Since then, he's been learning the ropes and has adjusted to life behind bars quite well — too well, some would say.

In this exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday's episode, Lucious (Terrence Howard) visits Andre to check up on his eldest son and is surprised by how well the book smart Lyon has taken to his new digs.

Who Died on Empire?

"This place is good for me," Andre says in the video, catching Lucious off guard. "You sent me to Wharton to learn how the business world operates and now I'm here learning how the street operates. With that combination, I'll be unstoppable. ... I've learned to allow people to underestimate me, think they got me boxed in and that's the moment I strike. No warning, no threats, pure annihilation."

Andre might be smart but will this newfound arrogance lead to his downfall?

See how it all turns out when a new episode of Empire airs Wednesday at 8/7c on Fox.

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