In terms of crossovers, a merge between the worlds of Star and Empire is pretty much as seamless as it gets.

Both shows are deeply entrenched in the music business with similar casts and character dynamics, and to top it off, they will both be slated to air on Wednesdays this fall. Oh, and they have the same creator in Lee Daniels. (How hasn't this happened already?)

Perhaps that's why Fox is currently mulling over the idea of creating a crossover that would merge the worlds of Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) and Carlotta Brown (Queen Latifah). Of course, the two shows would have to get over the hurdle of logistics; Empire is firmly situated in the world of New York City, while Star calls Atlanta its home.

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No official deal has been struck according to TVLine, but the network is currently in talks to make a two-hour crossover happen for the premiere event in September. It wouldn't be hard at all for the girls of Star to get a meeting at Empire or perform at a benefit concert for Lucious (Terrence Howard). It's more shocking Star didn't start off as a Empire spin-off, to be honest.

Empire returns Wednesday, September 27 at 8/7c on Fox, followed by the Season 2 premiere of Star at 9/8c, also on Fox.