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Emmy season is upon us! For the next two weeks, Emmy voters will be checking off names and shows they think are worthy of getting a nomination come July 19. We at have a few selections in mind ourselves. First up: our dream ballot for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

Look back at last year's Emmys

Eliza Coupe, Happy Endings

On paper, Jane sounds like another high-strung Friend we know and love, but watch an episode and you'll see that Coupe's zany brand of genius is one of a kind. It's one thing to play a clenched-fisted Type A; it's another to hilariously imbue her with dark, kinky and outrageously silly layers. Need we remind you of "Spring Smackdown"? Let's hope the Emmys don't overlook Coupe like they did (and still do) Courteney Cox.Zosia Mamet, GirlsWe were already fans of Mamet from her work on Mad Men, but we're even more mad about her on Girls. Playing a perfect contrast to Peggy's lesbian hipster BFF Joyce on Mad Men, Mamet's Shoshanna is catastrophically unhip, often clueless, too chipper and perhaps too obsessed with Sex and the City. Sounds like a recipe for annoyance, right? It's a testament to Mamet's superb comic skills and timing that Shoshanna never starts to grate. Busy Philipps, Cougar TownIf there's one person who can make anything hilarious, it's Philipps. (Hey, she did it all with the mere laugh.) While the dumb blonde sidekick shtick can get tiresome, Philipps' amusing, balls-to-the-wall approach has made Laurie a scene-stealer week in and week out. Her blossoming relationship with Travis has also revealed a more grounded — but no less funny — side.

Jimmy Kimmel to host Emmy Awards

Naya Rivera, Glee

Santana softened up this year when McKinley High's resident mean girl came out to her family, a self-realization arc that Rivera deftly handled. True, it veers more toward drama than comedy, but Rivera deserves props for showing that she can do more than just deliver bitchy barbs.

Casey Wilson, Happy Endings
If Penny's doomed to be single, can we at least give her an Emmy to keep her company? Wilson has been a season MVP, churning out a-mah-zing scenes one after another, from her wacky, pathetic romantic exploits to her epiphany that she has feelings for Dave. It's the Year of Penny, voters, so throw her a bone!

Merritt Wever, Nurse Jackie
For those who say Showtime's dark comedies aren't funny, you haven't seen Wever. As the comic foil to Edie Falco's hardened Jackie, every time Wever's overeager Zoey opens her mouth, she injects the moody show with the animated lightness that it's often lacking. And with Zoey's awkward relationship with Lenny this year, Wever has had us in stitches even more. And that is just what the doctor ordered.

Who do you hope is nominated?