Kristin Chenoweth Kristin Chenoweth

Let's eavesdrop on what this year's newly minted Emmy winners had to say once they made it backstage:

"It's just so sweet that they remembered us. They remembered a show that got canceled that I've never been more proud to be on. I'd much rather be on that than something that lasts a long time that I don't care about. I'm a risk-taker. I mean, look at what I'm wearing. I'm so happy." — Kristin Chenoweth, winner of Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for Pushing Daisies

"As I very inarticulately tried to express when I received this, half of this is hers, because it was a two-handed piece. We were really two halves of a whole. You can't separate the characters and you can't separate the performances. I was given this award tonight, but really it's Drew's too and she knows that." Jessica Lange, who won Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries, Movie or Dramatic Special for Grey Gardens

"We try, but we never can quite get there." — John Slattery of Mad Men, which won Outstanding Drama Series, when asked if the cast is going to drink as much as the characters they play to celebrate

"Maybe Amazing Race should do what Oprah did and just pull themselves out of the competition." —Jeff Probst, winner of Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality Competition Program for Survivor, on Amazing Race's seventh straight win for best reality competition program

"People think you say this to be polite. You never ever dream you're going to win. Never, never, never. I came and was completely convinced that — Carell is someone who is a big, big part of a show with huge ratings, those guys work really hard. I say to myself: Carell is going to win. Then we said to ourselves that Jim Parsons is going to be the Del Potro at the Open this year, he's going to come in and win the whole event. You never really know who's going to win. I literally am shocked that I won again." — Alec Baldwin, winner of Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy for 30 Rock

"Alice would start polishing it, T would flash her tits in recognition and Buck would say it's all sh--." — Toni Collette, winner of Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy for United States of Tara, on what her character's alter egos would say in accepting the award

"I was kind of flabbergasted and disoriented. You're never sure if you really heard it right. What if there was some terrible mistake and you stood up and your friends had to pull you back down again? It would be the embarrassment of a lifetime. I may have appeared to be calm at the microphone, but I have no recollection of what came out of my mouth." — Michael Emerson, winner of Outstanding  Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for Lost