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Emmy season is in full swing! Voters will be checking off names and shows this week they think are worthy of getting a nomination come July 19. We at have a few selections in mind ourselves. Next up: our dream ballot for Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

Emmys:'s picks for lead actress in a drama series

Hugh Bonneville, Downton Abbey

Lord Grantham had more downs than ups this year, allowing Bonneville to give us a glimpse of a far more introspective — and slightly lost — side of Downton's warmhearted patriarch. Bonneville didn't make the cut in the miniseries race last year, but he's more than capable of crashing the drama party now that Downton is buzzier than ever.Bryan Cranston, Breaking BadThe three-time champ is undefeated in this category (Breaking Bad was ineligible last year) and there's no reason to think that he can't keep the streak alive. As Walt continued his moral descent and plotted his revenge on Gus, Cranston turned it up a notch week after week, channeling rage, fear, arrogance, conviction, and hysteria at the drop of Heisenberg's porkpie hat. Walt is "the one who knocks," and Cranston's knocking on the door of a fourth Emmy.Kelsey Grammer, BossGrammer's stirring against-type performance as a callous politico has already won him a Golden Globe and it is sure to turn a few heads that did not anticipate such stellar dramatic chops from a comic genius. Should he win, Grammer, who won four lead comedy actor Emmys for Frasier, would be the third performer (after Carroll O'Connor and Edie Falco) to triumph in both the comedy and drama lead races.

Emmys:'s picks for supporting actor in a drama series

Jon Hamm, Mad MenIt was supposed to be Hamm's year last year with Cranston ineligible... until it wasn't. Hamm, a four-time nominee, doesn't have a super-baity episode like "The Suitcase" this season, but he was in his usual excellent, subtle form as a new — though not necessarily improved — Don Draper. Hamm does have one advantage over his rivals: His show just ended right before voting began.

Hugh Laurie, House

If you think Hamm's a bridesmaid, he's got nothing on Laurie. The six-time nominee has never won and in all likelihood will join the ranks of Angela Lansbury, Bob Newhart and last year's new member Steve Carell in going Emmy-less for an iconic role. We only hope voters will give one last look (literally) to Laurie who managed to give the irascible doc new, vulnerable shades in the wake of his BFF Wilson's cancer diagnosis.

Damian Lewis, Homeland

Going toe-to-toe with Claire Danes is not easy, but Lewis was more than up for the challenge. His mesmerizing, poker-faced tango with Danes was a sight to behold, and his delicately nuanced Brody kept us all guessing if the POW was a true turncoat. Homeland was overlooked by the Screen Actors Guild Awards, but Lewis notched a Golden Globe nod.Who do you hope gets a nomination?