Is there anything better than an opening musical number? I mean, diversity in Hollywood would be better, but we'll take the Emmys "We Solved It" routine as a nice runner up.

Kenan Thompson and Kate McKinnon opened the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards with praise for the fact that this year's Emmy nominees are the most diverse in the history of the awards. A record-setting 36 non-white actors were nominated for Emmys this year, and you know what that means... we solved racism and sexism! Right?

In the musical number that followed, McKinnon and Thompson were joined by Kristen Bell, Tituss Burgess, Sterling K. Brown, Ricky Martin, and a host of "one of each" dancers to hilariously celebrate that they'd solved the diversity problem in Hollywood at long last. The jokes that followed obviously poked fun at the fact that the so-called "most diverse" Emmys in history were still laughably white, straight and male, but hey, improvement is improvement. "There were none, now there's one, so we're done!"

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At one point, Andy Samberg even dropped in (on a moon lowered from the ceiling no less) to ask if he could be part of the number as a straight white male now. The answer was a swift and resounding no as they kicked him off stage. At the end of the numbers, RuPaul appeared to tell Thompson he had a phone call to tell him that they had obviously not actually solved anything, and they had a long way to go.

Considering the first award of the night went to a straight, white guy... yep, miles to go before we sleep!

Kristen Bell, Tituss Burgess, and Kate McKinnon, Emmys 2018Kristen Bell, Tituss Burgess, and Kate McKinnon, Emmys 2018