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Emmys 2017: Was Jackie Hoffman's Angry Reaction to Losing Real?

She didn't appear to be too delighted for Laura Dern

Amanda Bell

As Laura Dern's name was rattled off as winner of the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Miniseries, one of her co-nominees in particular didn't put on much of a poker face.

Feud star Jackie Hoffman appeared to ignite her own Hollywood feud by mouthing "d*mmit" twice after Dern was called to the stage, and the internet had a field day with her reaction.

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To ratchet up the intrigue as to whether her reaction was real or a moment of purposed levity (as her "I'm kidding" Twitter bio would indicate), the actress went on to tweet about the loss, writing, "Laura Dern had famous parents. Forgive me for being from real people #elitism."

She even dubbed herself a "sore loser" before throwing out another harsh tweet about Dern.

But not to worry. She went on to assure everyone she was joking.