Usually the Emmys' announcer is heard and not seen, and kinda stuffy, but the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards is taking things in a different direction with Jermaine Fowler, who's making his presence known in his winner-walking-to-the-stage info-dumps and throws to commercial.

But who is he and why is he there? Well, it's pretty simple: He's the star of CBS' comedy series Superior Donuts, which starts its second season on Oct. 30. The Eye is using the fact that it has the Emmys this year to promote one of its shows. And why not? Jermaine Fowler is a very funny, very talented comedian.

Before the big night, Fowler posted a message on Instagram about how excited he was. "Tomorrow night I'll be the voice of the Emmys," he wrote. "I haven't worn a tuxedo since my high school prom. I hope it still fits."

He's bringing a very different, fun energy to the show.

Jermaine FowlerJermaine Fowler

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