Like all of us, Emily VanCamp is sad to see Revenge go.

On Thursday, she took to Twitter to thanks the fans and fellow cast and crew members for four great years on the ABC show.

This will be the last season for Revenge

The actress played the main character on the series, which was loosely based on the plot of The Count of Monte Cristo. Amanda Clarke, under the pseudonym Emily Thorne, returns to the ritzy Hamptons community where she grew up to seek — what else? — revenge on those who wronged her and her family.

But as the course of the vengeance plot has played out, the cast and crew have gotten pretty close.

And of course, fans have been there to support them the entire way.

She also retweeted some of the other people involved with the show, including Barry Sloan, who played Aiden; Gabriel Mann, who played narrator Nolan Ross; Lauren Shaw, who was a stuntwoman on the show, and Ashley Madekwe, who played Ashley Davenport on Revenge from 2011-2013.

We'll miss you, Revenge!

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