Chris Harrison and Emily Maynard Chris Harrison and Emily Maynard

The final 15 minutes on The Bachelorette this week overshadowed Ashley and the men traveling to Taiwan, as Chris Harrison sat down with half of last season's Bachelor couple, Emily Maynard, who returned and tearfully opened up about her breakup with Brad Womack. But why wasn't Brad there? Read our weekly chat with Harrison, who answers that question and shares his surprise about Ryan's dismissal and hints at the 31-year-old's return to the show.

Are you happy with the way your interview with Emily turned out?
Chris Harrison: I felt really good about it. I made it known that this was not going to be some salacious, controversial interview where I beat this girl up on the witness stand. It was for her to give her statement and what she wants to say. People were a little bit mad I didn't get more information from her, [but sometimes] having all the love and care in the world just isn't enough.

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Why wasn't Brad there?
It's just too raw for him. He's way too emotional and he still really cares for this girl and loves her a lot and he feels ashamed and stupid. I think he really feels like he let the love of his life slip through his fingers. He's such a nice guy, he texted me when I was about to interview Emily and said, "As a friend, please protect her and be there for her." Who does that when his ex is about to go and do an interview about him? He [told me he] didn't watch last night. He said, "I don't want to see Emily like that and I don't want to see Emily talk about us like that."

OK, back to The Bachelorette. I can't believe Ames is in the final four.
I don't necessarily see it with Ames, but I think she's so fascinated by the guy. She's interested and is, like, I got to see this guy's hometown and where he comes from. Maybe it is more of a curiosity at this point than a connection, but she's interested. Like where does he come up with those pants? He's classic and unlike anybody we've ever had on the show — in a good way.

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Will J.P.'s jealousy continue to rear its head?
It's kind of a Catch-22 because you're supposed to start falling in love and caring about someone; but if you do, then obviously you don't want them dating a bunch of other guys and you definitely don't want to watch it. I don't think it was showing a bad side of J.P., it wasn't psycho, he explained himself so well and in a very endearing way. And he told it to Ashley which I liked instead of bitching and moaning behind the scenes.

Was Ryan's dismissal in the middle of the date shocking?
It really came out of the blue and knocked him on his butt. He was speechless and stunned ... but I think she was just on a roll and ready to make her decisions.


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What about the rumors he's returning?
One thing about Ryan is that when he left he was blindsided, so I think for him, above and beyond everybody, he felt he had an incredible connection with her. He definitely left wondering, "How could I have been so wrong and was I so wrong? Was she right in pulling the plug that early and not seeing if there was something else there?" So I think there were a lot of questions left unanswered out there.

Any teases about next week's hometown dates?
Harrison: Constantine's big Greek family is a phenomenal date, the country will be captivated by Ames to see what stock this guy came from and with Ben this is where you'll see the dark horse maybe move forward.