Six Feet Under courtesy HBO Home Video Six Feet Under courtesy HBO Home Video

As the writers' strike drags on, I seem to find no shortage of old and current shows to catch up on. If you really stop and think about it, there are hundreds of quality television series that have been produced over the years, and I don't care how much TV you watch, no one has time to catch them all! To start with, I have been mixing some oldies with some newbies and have also revisiting some of my personal old faves. My DVR is getting a workout and I am finally starting to utilize the video functionality of my iPod. Isn't technology great? Here are just a few of the shows I am watching and how I am consuming them.

1) Six Feet Under on Netflix
While Netflixing a long-running series with many DVDs takes a considerable amount of time, it's a smaller investment than buying the DVDs, at least until I figure out if I'm going to stick with it. And then if I decide to buy, each season is only $19.99 right now on

2) Weeds on iTunes
I received a lot of iTunes gift cards for Christmas, and since I don't have a lot of music I am itching to buy, I plan to finally download a TV show to watch on my video iPod. The lucky winner - Weeds.

3) Jericho in the Online Video Guide
When fans brought this show back from the dead last summer, I rushed to see what all the fuss was about. Rarely does a show make me watch it nearly straight through, as I did in two weekends with Jericho. I have a life - really, I do. Catch up now before the new season begins on Feb. 12 in our Online Video Guide.

4) Entourage on DVD
It's cold this time of year in NYC, and when I am in need of a quick pick-me-up, I pop in an episode featuring Vince, Ari and the gang up to their usual antics in sunny L.A. Then I close my eyes and wish I was there. I own all three seasons of this totally mindless yet totally entertaining spectacle. | Buy It Now

5) Las Vegas on live TV/DVR
In keeping with the theme of escapism, just the title of this show alone should make you run out and watch it if you haven't already (it's in its fifth season). Pre-DVR and online video I caught eps here and there, and now I try to watch old eps to pass the time if I can find them. Las Vegas airs Friday nights on NBC. | Visit Vegas using our Online Video Guide.

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