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The future of Bones is uncertain on a few levels. First, it has yet to be picked up for a seventh season. Secondly, if it is, Emily Deschanel's pregnancy could cut it short. That's just one of the options the show's executive producer Hart Hanson revealed in a conference call Monday, according to TVLine.

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The options for the show's possible next season include: halting production for Deschanel's maternity leave, starting late and delivering a shorter season (16 or 18 episodes as opposed to the usual 22) or filming episodes, in which Deschanel's Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan character does not appear.

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Adding to the uncertainty is the lack of seventh-season scripts stemming from the fact that the show has yet to be picked up. However, Hanson says Bones' future will be certain by May 15, adding optimistically: "I'm very confident that we will come to a deal."