Emeril Lagasse by Mathew Imaging/ WireImage.com Emeril Lagasse by Mathew Imaging/ WireImage.com

The king of "Bam!" and "Kick it up a notch!" has inked a deal to premiere new episodes of Emeril Live! on the Fine Living Network starting July 7. Of course, the folks who made Emeril the TV star that he is today, aka Food Network, will continue to air repeats of the popular cooking show during their daytime schedule.

FLN president Bob Baskerville is "very excited and proud" to have Emeril on his menu, and plans to lead out of the program with no less than The Martha Stewart Show. This is a powerhouse pairing with a pinch of spice and a dash of class. Queen Martha herself commented graciously, "I'm thrilled to have Emeril join me."

Mega-foodie star Emeril promises that his show will maintain its goal of blending cooking and entertainment to reach a wide demographic, adding, "It will be fun to kick things up a notch with Martha!" (You knew he had to sneak one of those in somewhere.)

Are you foodies ready to make the switch over to FNL to watch Emeril? Do you think Emeril and Martha make for a perfect pair, or two over-stuffed turkeys? - Erin Fox

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