Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star Ellie Kemper is pregnant with her first child, and her plan for the kid's future is already in full swing. Private school is really expensive, so she's doing more commercial work to earn some extra income to squirrel away for when the kid needs proper education. And she's not too picky about the work she takes on, apparently.

She went on the Late Show last night to show Stephen Colbert a commercial she did for a new Russian gum. The gum is sweetened with the fresh flavors of sturgeon and currant and gives chewers the power to turn enemies into ants that can be crushed underfoot. You know, typical Russian stuff.

I don't know about you, but I would try Pyud gum if it was real. I would wear Colbert's Korean man-Spanx, too. I'm a sucker for celebrity endorsements.

Ellie Kemper and Stephen Colbert, <em>Late Show</em>Ellie Kemper and Stephen Colbert, Late Show

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