Kate McKinnon, Ellen DeGeneres Kate McKinnon, Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres was the latest celebrity that Saturday Night Live spoofed — and the good-natured talk show host took it in stride.

"And I didn't like it — I'm just kidding. I'm Ellen; I love everything," DeGeneres joked, a nod to the sketch itself. "It's weird to be impersonated. You look at it going, 'Really, do I sound like that?' If you've listened to a recording of your voice, you think, 'That doesn't sound like me. It sounds like a cartoon character.' And I thought that same thing watching Finding Nemo — bad example. You get the point." DeGeneres was the voice of the fish Dory in the animated Pixar hit.

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"It's really interesting watching that clip because when I was watching at home on my couch, my legs kept flying up and blocking my view," she continued, referring to her habit of raising herself out of her chair. "I didn't see a lot of it."

In truth, DeGeneres noted that she could use Kate McKinnon's impersationation in her favor:  She's planning to invite McKinnon to Los Angeles — so she could go to Thanksgiving dinner for her.

Check out DeGeneres' reaction to the sketch in the video below:

What do you think of the impersonation? Is it accurate?