The Ellen DeGeneres Show The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Daytime diva Ellen DeGeneres just celebrated her 1,000th episode with a little surprise from the queen of talk herself — Oprah Winfrey.

After being on the air for six seasons, DeGeneres celebrated the milestone episode Friday with a surprise satellite visit from Winfrey, who congratulated the funnylady on her success.

"I really just wanted to say congratulations. I know what it takes to do 1,000 shows, and I, like everybody else, wish for you 1,000 more," said Winfrey. "You make our lives so much more fun and entertaining. And the grace with which you do it all is just really magnificent — so congratulations."

Winfrey's best friend and Editor at Large of O magazine, Gayle King, also appeared to announce that DeGeneres' will appear on the cover of the December holiday issue with Winfrey.

The momentous day also marked the 12-year anniversary of DeGeneres' coming out episode from her sitcom, Ellen ("The Puppy Episode"), where Winfrey played her therapist.

"That was so fun for me too," Winfrey recalled. "You have just really handled it all so magnificently. I'm proud to be associated with you and proud to call me your girlfriend."