Now that Elisabeth Rohm is finally leaving her Law & Order role of Assistant District Attorney Serena Southerlyn, we are dancing in the streets. (Nothing personal, but she was always a little brittle for our taste.) And when we aren't delightedly pounding the pavement, we are dreaming up new partners in crimefighting for Sam Waterston's character, Jack McCoy. Since it's doubtful that our fondest wish will be granted — and Angie Harmon will suit up again as the best ADA ever, Abbie Carmichael — dare we hope that überproducer Dick Wolf will consider at least briefly these other could-be (and, in some cases, have-been) lawyers?

Lara Flynn Boyle: Provided that she can keep herself out of the Mary-Kate Olsen wing of her local rehab clinic, the incredible shrinking woman could use the legalese she learned as Practice prosecutor Helen Gamble to shore up the L&O cast. On second thought, would skinny Minnie still show up on camera?

Charissa Chamorro: If the soap starlet's agents aren't already camped outside Dick Wolf's office with her head shot in hand, she should sue them! Last seen as a psycho law student on Guiding Light, the brunet knockout is in the perfect position to succeed Rohm: Her own L&O counterpart, Kay Hartley, is a former classmate of Serena's!

Reiko Aylesworth: No longer a regular on Fox's 24, the petite powerhouse will need a new gig to help her fill the hours of the day. If she asks us (or, even better, Leslie Hope), she could do a lot worse than to cross over to the mother ship as Erica Alden, the ADA she occasionally plays on spin-off SVU.

Bebe Neuwirth: Since the Broadway babe seems to love New York as much as New York loves her, why not let the Chicago Tony winner quit commuting to L.A. for work by giving her a steady job in Manhattan? That way, the Here Lies Jenny showstopper could satisfy both her addiction to theater and our addiction to her!

LaTanya Richardson: If any actress can pull off tough and endearing as well as our beloved Angie Harmon, it's this one! She's paid her dues on courtroom series from L&O to Ally McBeal, and finally was awarded judge's robes on Sidney Lumet's short-lived 100 Centre Street.

Cynthia Nixon: Not only would the prickliest of the Sex and the City gals be perfectly cast as a thorn in curmudgeonly Sam Waterston's side, but after all those years of sizing up and running down trendoids, the sitcom's schlubby barrister has earned the right to deal with victims of more than fashion.

Sharon Lawrence: Having done time on NYPD Blue, the three-time Emmy nominee's credentials are impeccable. But that's not why we're all hot and bothered to see the sexy dame hired by L&O — we think the one-time SVU guest is the rare femme fatale who could leave "chatty Cathy" McCoy speechless.

Susan Dey: The only way this TV survivor can resuscitate her career is by giving us what we want — herself in court! Think about it. Dey in L.A. Law? Loved it. Dey in Civil Wars? Liked it. Dey in everything else? Skipped it. Then again, we might also tune in if she picked up a tambourine to relive her Partridge Family heyday...