Elisabeth Hasselbeck Elisabeth Hasselbeck

The last thing on Elisabeth Hasselbeck's mind these days? That growing belly of hers.

The outspoken View co-host expects her third child with husband Tim in August, but admits parenting her older children, Grace, 4, and Taylor, 18 months, has taken focus away from her impending bundle of joy.

"I'm definitely not paying attention to my pregnancy," Hasselbeck tells People. "That won't be true for the child [when it arrives]. But now, when you have two kids running around you're not the pregnant person you were before."

She's not the only one acting differently though. While she was treated like a "pregnant goddess" during her first pregnancy, Hasselbeck says people aren't so eager to lend a helping hand for baby No. 3. "[T]he third time around, you're just lucky to have a prenatal pill by the end of day!" she says.

As for her children, they don't appear to be paying attention to Hasselbeck's pregnancy either. "I'm just letting them really enjoy this time as brother and sister," she says. "Then I'll throw in the word baby once in awhile to remind them."

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