East Los High East Los High

Hulu's hot teen drama East Los High returns for a second season on Wednesday with a whole new set of students, educational messages and tons of drama, natch. See what sort of trouble the students of East Los are getting into this year:

Expect tons of new faces: Keeping things fresh, this season will focus on a new crop of students. This includes bad girl Camila, her innocent sister Gina, the sensible poet Jocelyn, egomaniac Tiffany, playboy Diego, his artist friend Zack, the aspiring DJ Nicolas and others. But don't worry. All your favorites from Season 1 will be popping up too. Ceci plays a huge role this season, while Jacob will be around East Los as the new assistant basketball coach. Maya works in the restaurant where many of Season 2's new stars earn their allowance and even Vanessa makes an appearance teaching students about HIV.

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An overarching mystery: Underneath all the telenovela drama this year is a serious question: Where is Amber Garcia? When Season 2 picks up, the 17-year-old East Losstudent has gone missing. And while many students brush off her disappearance ("She's probably just partying in TJ"), in reality Amber's being held captive. But by whom? Since the police seem to have no real desire to find Amber, Jocelyn does what she can to help, organizing rallies and fundraising money to continue the search. It's possible Amber's disappearance is related to an underground crime ring that one East Los student finds himself unknowingly dragged into.

Even more love triangles: Now that Jacob and Maya are finally going strong and steady, it's time for a new crop of kids to take over the relationship drama. Diego has settled down with virgin Gina, but that doesn't stop him from getting involved with the new girl Tiffany, who refuses to take her side-girl status sitting down. Meanwhile, Gina's sister Camila finds herself torn between Jocelyn and Jocelyn's foster brother Nicolas.

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Someone's coming out: East Los is getting its first main LGBTQ characters this year when Jocelyn finds herself drawn to her best friend Camila, who returns her feelings. But the pair struggle to take their relationship to the next level while remaining in the closet, especially when Camila is struggling with issues of her own. Though she does her best to repress bad memories of her past, Camila turns to cutting to ease the pain when things get too hard. Other serious issues Season 2 will focus on include domestic abuse, bullying and virginity loss.

Bomb Squad gone bad: Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The once award-winning dance team is a complete joke when Season 2 picks up. Enter Ceci. The reformed bad girl charms her way into a job as the Bomb Squad's coach, but she has an uphill battle ahead of her if she ever wants to beat their rival, Truman High School.

Season 2 premieres July 9 on Hulu. Will you watch East Los High?