Hulu's young adult soap East Los High will end with a one-off series finale special, the streaming service announced Friday.

The series ended Season 4 last summer on a cliffhanger — with Jacob (Gabriel Chavarria) getting into a terrible car accident right before the credits rolled — and is coming back with a one-hour special to wrap things up this fall.

The series finale will take place a eight months after the Season 4 finale and catch up with the Bomb Squad and friends as they prepare to leave high school, and maybe even East Los Angeles.

The finale will be directed by Katie Elmore Mota and Carlos Reza and written by Kathleen Bedoya, Luisa Leschin and Cris Franco.

East Los High follows a group of predominately Latino high school students in East Los Angeles, and has earned praise for its depiction of Latino youth culture, a demographic underrepresented in the mainstream. It's has been nominated for several Daytime Emmys throughout its run.