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The cast of Modern Family literally gets shaken up next season when an earthquake hits!

The trembler is just a small quake but has residual aftershocks for the whole family. "It's a very tiny little earthquake but spins stories off into different directions," co-executive producer Brad Walsh told TV Guide Magazine at the Paley Center Presents 'Inside the Writer's Room: Modern Family' on Monday in L.A. "It's going to be about how they react to the earthquake and the problems that it brings to the surface."

One of the knee-shaking repercussions is that Mitchell and Cameron use the quake as an excuse to get out of a party, which backfires on them with the usual hilarious results. Also, "Jay decides he doesn't want to go to church that day, and Gloria sees it as a sign of God," reveals co-creator/executive producer Steve Levitan. "It's just a shaker that knocks things off shelves — no one is pinned under a dresser."

Another force of nature guaranteed to really shake things up is the arrival of Mitchell's ex-girlfriend on the scene, which is sure to cause a very shocked reaction from Cameron. The couple were high school sweethearts who then drifted apart and shockingly got together for his high school reunion not too long ago, the show's creators reveal. No word yet on who will play the lucky lady.

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