My Name Is EarlBetween the unfortunate innuendos on the Right Choice Ranch's many signs "Touching bad boys since 1963" and Randy's fear of birds and pope hats, tonight's episode was quite like the white-trash version of Arrested Development , complete with Latina-maid jokes. If you didn't get Catalina's comeback when Joy warned her not to injure her toilet-scrubbing hand, what she said, so cleverly disguised as an insult, was: "I want to thank the Latino public that joins us each week, and to those of you who aren't Latinos, I congratulate you on learning another language." For all her love of Crab Man, it sounds like Joy still needs to be chased around by an ostrich during the Racism Is Having Your Head in the Sand Bonfire though I did enjoy her un-PC threat to Dodge and Earl Jr.: "I'll slap you so hard, you'll both switch colors!" It was refreshing to see Earl get a little mean for once, when he decided to blame everything on his list on Randy. Until now, it was so hard to imagine the selfish, pre-Carson Daly

Earl. Of course, this allowed for some priceless opportunities to see the wheels turning in Randy's sweet, simple mind as he grappled with Earl's list  the thought, for example, that he was responsible for ruining their chances of ever living in the Earlhamas and the threat of an angry ostrich. As for the seemingly reformed Dodge and Earl Jr., they are undeniably cute kids, but amid such an amusing, talented cast, their robotic lesson-teaching was jarringly bad. Oh, well, maybe their three parents can send them off to theater camp next year.