My Name Is Earl
Earl was behaving quite like a religious convert when applying the karma philosophy to his "burger dummy" job. He even kinda tried to convert Xena, so she wouldn't feel bad about their abusive boss, played with mischievous glee by Jon Favreau. This fervor, combined with the fact that fellow Scientologist

Beck's "Devil's Haircut" was playing in the background at one point, made me think there's something to the theory that this show is really a lesson from Hollywood's favorite dogma. Oh, well. That didn't make it any less funny when before discovering he was "karma's fist," Earl had to endure a mustache mask and a foam burger outfit. And again, Randy provided some gems: Trying to make Darnell's turtle yawn and making the Russian mail-order bride say "moose and squirrel." On a more grown-up note, there were two rather risqué jokes: Catalina's evil uncle discovering that his hot wife and nice house both had mold in the basement (whatever that means) and Mr. Patrick's sad World's Best Bottom mug in prison. Karma reigns again.