Returns: Thursday, April 3, at 8 pm/ET (NBC) Number of new episodes: 9

Where we left off: After spending the first part of the season in prison, Earl Hickey (Jason Lee) was finally released, only to be hit by a car. When we last saw him, he was lying in the road unconscious as was his potential soul mate, Billie (guest star Alyssa Milano). What's next: For the first new episode, Earl is still out cold. "We go into Earl's unconscious mind, and some things in real life bleed into that," executive producer Greg Garcia says. Beau Bridges, Jane Lynch and NBC president Jeff Zucker pop up in the hour-long episode - as does Paris Hilton, playing her favorite role: Paris Hilton. Charmed, I'm sure: Earl hasn't seen the last of Milano's Billie. "We'll see their relationship proceed in kind of a surreal way for a while," Garcia says, "and then we'll see it play out in real life." POLL: Which Earl character makes you laugh out loud the most? Vote here. Watch full episodes | Photos | More Returning Favorites coverage