We might be staring down a future in which the majority of television is produced for streaming services.

With Facebook finally diving into TV programming and Twiter gaining the Game of Thrones aftershow Talk the Thrones, Musical.ly is now stepping into the TV game with some shows of their own. The video streaming app brokered deals with NBCUniversal, Viacom and Hearst Magazines Digital Media to bring some hip new shows right to the fingertips of the teen millennials who use it, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

MTV will bring digital versions of Greatest Story Ever, My Super Sweet 16 and Nick Cannon's Wild N' Out to the app, while E! is working on a new show called Crush about social media influencers and their celebrity crushes. Seventeen has several shows in the works including Fashion to DIY, where viewers receive tips on how to recreate runway looks at home and Seventeen and the City which will uncover some of NYC's best-kept secrets.

Users, referred to a "musers," will be able to respond to each episode with videos of their own using the show's hashtags.

The rollout for these short-form shows begins Thursday.