I was in a waiting room last night, flipping through a gossip magazine and I couldn't turn another page once I saw a short piece about Jessica Simpson and John Mayer allegedly exchanging keys to their residences. It wasn't even the story that made me pause. It was her hair dye. Anyone following Hollywood hair trends knows that Simpson didn't trade in her blonde locks for a darker 'do yesterday, but for some reason I was more hung up on it than when I saw a picture of her just after she had it done. I think it's because I still can't get over the fact that she's dating John Mayer. And seeing their brunette heads together made me wonder: did she do that to look more compatible with him?

This is the thing. I am in no way trying to knock blondes or buy into the stereotype that fair-haired women are short on smarts. But since Simpson played up that clueless persona on her MTV show Newlyweds ("Chicken of the Sea is this fish or chicken?"), it makes the motive behind her hair-color change questionable. Did she want to look "smarter"?

No one really knows why she did it. And let's face it, her trip to the salon ended better than Britney's. Maybe Simpson was inspired by her new relationship and acted on a whim. Maybe she's just like the rest of Hollywood and loves getting her hair done. Maybe she has some secret movie role she's preparing for that we won't find out about until she's gone blonde again.

All I know is, I'm confused. Mostly about the fact that John Mayer is now all over the gossip pages, when really he should just remain on stage with his guitar, under the spotlights of a concert hall.