The Fugitive - Season 1 courtesy Paramount Home Video The Fugitive - Season 1 courtesy Paramount Home Video

The set doesn't contain any special features, but fans have been waiting for The Fugitive to hit DVD for a long, long time, and they'll finally be able to pick up the first set on August 14, making it my pick of the week.

I'm pretty excited for Avatar, since volume 4 will wrap the second season of the series. Loonatics Unleashed season 2 is coming, as well as the 7th volume of A Pup Named Scooby-Doo (great, now I have the theme song stuck in my head), and the 4th volume of Baby Looney Tunes.

The second season of Dynasty is also coming out on August 14th; fans who picked up the first season have been waiting patiently for this set. Horror fans will be eying the two Masters of Horror releases as well.

Of course this isn't the complete list, but you can view the other titles at

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