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Jane Bingum — the real one — will return in the season finale of Drop Dead Diva!

The real Jane (Brooke Elliott) was last seen in the series premiere, in which she took a bullet for Parker (Josh Stamberg). At the same time, Deb (then portrayed by Brooke D'Orsay) died in a car accident. When Deb got to heaven, she pressed the "return" button on Fred's (Ben Feldman) keyboard and came back to Earth in the only body available: Jane's. Now, in the Season 4 finale, we'll find out where real Jane has been all this time.

Mad Men's Ben Feldman returns to Drop Dead Diva

"Since day one of Drop Dead Diva, viewers have been asking me what happened to the original Jane Bingum," creator Josh Berman tells exclusively. "In the pilot, she was shot and killed, but where did her soul go?  In this season's finale, we finally answer that question in a surprising twist that leads to our most surprising cliff-hanger so far."

Naturally, real Jane will not be pleased with Deb/Jane having taken over her life. "Jane is pissed as hell," Berman says. "She does not like what Deb has done with her body, with her life, with her boyfriend and with her job."

Could wedding bells be ringing on Drop Dead Diva?

Real Jane's reappearance will coincide with the return of Fred, who Berman previously teased would find himself in a similar predicament to the one that brought him to Earth in the first place. Could that mean real Jane gets wise to how Deb returned to Earth? We'll find out in the season finale, which Berman calls the most intense yet. "It's such a mess," he says. "I promise you that all of our other cliff-hangers pale in comparison to our cliff-hanger for this season."

Are you excited to see the return of the real Jane?

The season finale of Drop Dead Diva airs Sunday, Aug. 26 at 9/8c on Lifetime.