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When he had a size 44 waist and with a case of Type-2 diabetes, Drew Carey decided it was time to turn his life around.

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"I was sick of being fat on the camera. Really, I just got sick of it. Once I started losing weight, again, like once I started dropping a couple pant sizes, then it was easy 'cause once you see the results, then you don't wanna stop," Carey, who has lost 80 pounds since January, told People. "It sucks being fat ... I was diabetic with Type-2 diabetes."

So how did the Price Is Right host shed all the excess weight so quickly? Diet and exercise, he says.

The 52-year-old comedian said he's cut carbs from his diet and drinks nothing but water. He also follows a strict gym routine, he says.

"Lots of cardio," he said. "About 45 minutes of cardio, at least 45 minutes of cardio. I've been kind of lazy like lately, so I'm not doing it 6 days a week, but I will be for this next month."

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The Drew Carey Show star has dropped down to a pant size 33-34 and is no longer diabetic, he says.

But Carey isn't done. The funnyman says he wants to lose another 10 lbs. and get to a size 32.

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