Annabelle Gurwitch is not a shrink. Nor is she a scientist, a psychic or even a Sominex addict. Yet the Sci Fi Channel knew at once that she'd be perfect to co-host its risqué late-night talk show The Dream Team with Annabelle and Michael (premiering Monday at 11 pm/ET). For Pete's sake, her name's even in the title! "But I have absolutely no qualifications," she tells TV Guide Online. "None whatsoever. I'm just like anybody else out there who's been through a certain amount of therapy, sleeps, has dreams and wonders what the hell they mean!"

Ah, that's why Gurwitch was Sci Fi's go-to gal: The onetime Not Necessarily the News correspondent is so witty, she spends her evenings tossing off one-liners instead of counting sheep. For actual interpretations of nocturnal transmissions, Dream Team guests rely on Gurwitch's sidekick, Jungian psychologist Michael Lennox. "He's the expert," she says. "I offer the layman's opinion.

"It's like when I hosted Dinner & a Movie — I had absolutely no experience in the kitchen," she continues. "I was the Cooking for Dummies person. Now I'm sort of doing Dreaming for Dummies."

Indeed. Although the in-demand sitcom guest star and sometime stage actress enjoys recurring flights of fancy involving the discovery of an extra room in her home — the "hidden resources dream," she calls it — she insists, "Most of the people who come on the show have better dreams than me. I often find myself saying, 'Wow, I want to be in your head! Your dreams are so much more interesting than mine!'

"It's really upsetting," she adds with a sigh. "I have dream envy."